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"TOP GUN" Aerobatics 'Thrill Rides'

A pilot license is not required! Find out if aerobatics is for you! - from $398.00 incl GST. Gift certificates available - immediate download!

Get ready for a serious adrenaline rush! YOU will take the controls of our fantastic Robin R2160, a military style aerobatic training aircraft and, just like a 'top gun' pilot, fly loops, rolls, spins and much more with Colin Appleton, one of Australia's most experienced aerobatics instructors. A high quality video and audio recording of your flight is available, just tick the option! (Note: If you hold a pilot license (RPL or higher) you can log this flight as Dual Training).

Your Instructor - Colin Appleton is the Chief Flying Instructor and co-owner of the Sunshine Coast Flying School, and one of Australia’s most experienced aerobatics instructors. He holds a CASA Part 61 Instructor Rating for aerobatics, including low level aerobatics (1,500', 1,000' & 500'), spin recovery, tailwheel, constant speed prop and retractable undercarriage endorsements. He is also an RAA qualified Chief Flying Instructor and Instructor Trainer. Colin offers the most comprehensive advanced aircraft handling and aerobatics training courses available in Queensland! The current Australian National Aerobatics Champions in both the Graduate and Sportsman categories were trained and coached by Colin at the Sunshine Coast Flying School.

Robin 2160 Instrument Panel

Pilots - ask yourself the following:

  • Are you a pilot that gets nervous or suffers motion sickness in turbulent conditions?
  • Are you confident you could recover safely from a sudden and violent turbulence induced unusual attitude?
  • Are you confident you could avoid loss of control and recognise / prevent a spin / spiral after losing VMC in deteriorating weather conditions?
  • Are you confident you could quickly recognise and initiate the correct recovery from a spin or spiral dive with the level of training you currently have?
  • Do you secretly lack confidence and feel your training was not adequate and you should be a more capable and confident pilot, but you have your license so you do nothing about it?

We believe that EVERY pilot, as a minimum, should be trained to confidently recover from unusual attitudes, power-on stalls, incipient and fully developed spins. Sadly in most civilian flying schools these topics are not part of the basic pilot training syllabus. Therefore capable training aircraft are not available and student pilots (like their instructors before them) are only taught to fly confidently in two dimensions while we all fly in three dimensional airspace. The focus of the standard basic training syllabus in most flying schools is to teach pilots to “fear and avoid” unusual attitudes, slow speed maneuvering, stalls, spins / spirals. Does this sound like the pilot training YOU received?

Then do something about it! TALK TO COLIN NOW! One day the new skills you will learn may save your life! Call him on 0414 430647 or Click Here to email him.

* Our Aircraft and Flight Training at Caloundra Airfield operate from our partner's facilities at: - GoFly Aviation

Please Note:

  • All our TOP GUN flights and gift certificate purchases can be used at any time in the future, subject to future price increases. Purchases are non-refundable but fully transferable. Just call us to change the booking name!
  • Current COVID safety protocol. In line with QLD Gov relaxation of restrictions, we have removed requirements for proof of vax status and there's no need to 'Check-in' with the Check In Qld App For the latest information please go to: COVID - Latest Update
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