FLIGHT EXPERIENCES (A pilot license is NOT required!):

The TOP GUN Aerobatics Experience!  – YOU fly the plane! – Are you a bit of a ‘thrill seeker’ that likes to be in control? Or a pilot that wants to find out if you can cope with aerobatics and spin training?  Our ‘Top Gun’ Aerobatics Experience Flight is the answer!! Get ready for a serious adrenaline rush! YOU will take the controls of our fantastic Robin R2160 aerobatics training aircraft, flying loops, rolls and much more with one of Australia’s most experienced aerobatics instructor beside you all the way! A pilot license or previous flight training is not required but if you do have a pilot’s license, you can log the flight time as dual training.

The Ultimate Thrill Ride Experience!  Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fly extreme aerobatics in a high performance aircraft like you’ve seen on the RED BULL AIR RACE? Well now you can!  Choose your  Ultimate Thrill Ride  in the world famous German built EXTRA 300 stunt plane! Can you handle mind numbing ‘G’ forces greater than fighter jet pilot’s encounter? Want to experience the adrenaline pumping through your body as you hurtle vertically towards the ground, pulling out of the dive at over 400 Kph, while struggling to stay conscious? This is a flight experience you will never forget! A pilot license or previous flight training is not required but if you do have a pilot’s license, you can log the flight time as dual training.  These flights are operated by highly skilled and experienced aerobatics flight instructors, so you are in very safe hands! (Sorry, this flight option has been discontinued until further notice)

All our Airborne Thrill & Adventure Flights are family friendly – Bring the family for some pre and post flight photos. While you’re up flying they can relax in air-conditioned comfort and enjoy our complimentary tea, coffee and Wi-Fi

Personalised Gift Certificates are available for immediate download, free of charge (download link will be sent in confirmation email)– Our Gift Certificates do not have an expiry date! You’ll just need to pay the difference for any future price increases.  Please note: all flight and gift certificate purchases are non-refundable but fully transferable. Just call us to change the booking name!

* Flights from Caloundra Airfield operate through our partner’s facilities at GoFly Aviation

Screaming is allowed!

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