Our Story – Sunshine Coast Aerobatics School

  • Sunshine Coast Aerobatics School is NOT your typical flying school. We provide unique pilot training opportunities not addressed by other flying schools anywhere in Queensland.

  • From 2012 operating the ‘Ultimate Thrill Ride’ we conducted extreme aerobatics flights at the Sunshine Coast Airport  providing the local community and visitors the opportunity to enjoy Airborne Thrills, Adventure Flights and for experienced pilots to undertake advanced pilot skills training. The popularity and demand for our adventure flights and advanced flight training courses continued to increase.

  • November 2018 – Co-owners Colin Appleton and Lawrie Stevens expanded, establishing ‘Sunshine Coast Flying School (SCFS)’ with the addition of the fantastic TL 2000 Sting S4 and Sting RG Turbo aircraft.  SCFS,  with  four top class training aircraft, was able to address a broad scope of both RA and GA training requirements, from basic student pilot training through to advanced skills training for experienced GA pilots.

  • New courses included RPC to RPL conversions, RA Instructor Training, CTR, CSU+RG (RA or GA), ADF Prep., Formation, Spinning, Aerobatics and more!

  • March 2024 – Co-owners Colin Appleton and Lawrie Stevens decided to change the business name to Sunshine Coast Aerobatics School with the objective of focusing 100% on teaching GA aerobatics and advanced handling skills, to GA and RAAus pilots.  Existing RPC students have continued their training from our hangar at Kybong, now managed as a satellite school under the CFI of Gold Coast Sports Flight Training.


  • Hangar N, Gympie (Kybong) Airfield, 20 Lobwien Road, Kybong.

  • Optionally, our ‘4 Day Intensive Aerobatics’ courses can operate from GoFly’s facilities at Caloundra (additional Costs apply)


  • Learn new skills through on advanced aircraft handling techniques, including Aerobatics, Spin Prevention & Recovery Training (SPRT), Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) in our awesome Robin R2160 military style aerobatics training aircraft.

  • We are also the Sunshine Coast Training Campus for the Australian Aerobatic Club and, under intense training developed by CFI, Colin Appleton, SCFS and SCAS have produced more State and National Aerobatics Champion pilots than any other flying school in Queensland! Browse our website store and choose your flight training course or one of our adrenaline packed adventure flights.

We are very pleased to be able to bring this unique combination of ‘intial RPC flight training’ plus ‘advanced pilot skills training’ and extreme airborne adventure experiences to our local community, tourists, thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies alike!  To our knowledge there is no other flying school anywhere in Australia that can do, what we do best!

So, start your aviation journey with us!  We can teach you to fly, really FLY!  Read More